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The content of this web site is an on-going educational project for those interested in collecting and learning more about our fascinating medical history. Specializing in cased surgical and dental sets, bloodletting artifacts, early medical instruments, as well as medicine and surgery during the Civil War.  If you are seeking research, photos, information, pricing, and people who are passionate about preserving our medical and surgical history... this is the place to visit.

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Arbittier Museum of Medical History

Evaluation and identification of historical pieces can be provided for medical, surgical, dental, and bloodletting items like those displayed on this site and at no-charge.  Please contact:

Medical Collectors Advisory Services

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Antiques on this web resource run the medical gamut to include American, English, French, German, and Italian large cased surgical sets, dental instruments, apothecary items, obstetrical pieces, stethoscopes, hearing devices, spectacles, and bloodletting devices like spring lancets, fleams, scarificators, and leech jars!   There is a complete Civil War display of military surgery sets as well as Civil War surgeon images.  The entire  collection is housed in a stand-alone private museum.

Brought to you by private collector and preserver of medical antiques:

 Douglas Arbittier, MD, MBA

American Civil War Medicine & Surgical Antiques

Civil War Surgical Set collections from 1860 to 1865 - Civilian and Military

Surgeon Education & Medical Textbooks

 Douglas Arbittier, MD, MBA  &  Michael Echols, DDS



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