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American Civil War Surgical Antiques

Research and Identification

Civil War Era Surgical Sets, Surgeon's Images

Civil War Surgeon Education & Medical Textbooks

Established 1995    .     Dr. Michael Echols Collection


As seen in:  Warman's Civil War Collectibles, Antique Week, Northeast Antiques, Antiques & Collecting publications, and various TV programs

Examples of Civil War Era Instruments with Typical Prices

Surgical instrument parts list with prices

By Dr. Michael Echols

Instruments typically found in or associated with "Civil War era" surgical sets

List of Civil War Surgical Set and Instrument Suppliers

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Prices below are 'median prices' derived from sales catalogs, eBay, auctions, and private sales.  Prices can vary up or down greatly due to desirable or undesirable maker names and condition.  Some maker names are more valuable than others due to rarity or when made.  The prices are general 'averages' and do not apply to post-Civil War instruments, which would be much less valuable.  Pre-Civil War instrument values vary greatly due to collector interest or lack of interest.  Not all makers are desirable.  Prices vary greatly with individual collector 'needs' for filling out a personal surgical set. 

If you have Civil War era individual instruments or a partial set with remaining instruments, please contact Dr. Echols for an offer.    See this page for additional information on Civil War era surgical instruments

Prices updated as of 3-2010

Excellent (exc.) means no rust, no cracked handles, no problems.

Good means about average, but serviceable

Add 20% for real ivory handles, not bone

'Marked' means maker name on instrument

Click photos for enlarged view

Amputation knife:  large, unplated, composite handle with cross hatching: exc. $90-150; good $70
Artery forceps: unplated olive tip forceps for holding and tying off arteries: exc. $45; good $25
Amputation catlin: large, double sided blade, composite handle with cross hatching: exc. $80-110; good $70
Blade director: to direct knife blade: exc. $20; good $10
Bistoury knives: unplated curve blade with blunt tip or curved blade and sharp point: exc. $55; good $25, for ivory add 20%
Bone hammer and chisel: hammer: exc. $75; chisel $45
Bullet forceps: long shank, serrated tips, marked: exc. $150-250; good $100
Chain saw: both handles, unmarked, no rust on chain: exc. $250; good $100
End cutting bone forceps: marked: exc. $180-220; good $95
Gemrig, bow style capital amputation saw: for large military sets, marked: exc. $200-350; good $100
Gnawing bone forceps: round tip, marked: exc. $125-150; good $60
Hernstein amputation saw: military, marked: exc. $250-300; good $150
Hey saw: skull trepanning saw, marked: exc. $95-180; good $50
Metacarpal saw:  for small bones, marked, gutta percha cross hatched handle: exc. $120; good $55
Muscle retractor: unmarked: exc. $35; good $15
Scalpel: small, marked: plain wood handle,$35; crosshatched: $55; trepanning (metal on both ends, crosshatched middle: $55; ivory: $65 each
Sequestrum forceps: for bone fragments, holding tissue, shallow bullets; short shanked, marked: exc. $75; good $40
Tenaculum: for artery traction during suturing, marked, gutta percha cross hatched handle: exc. $70; good $35
Tissue forceps: to clamp off artery or holding tissue, unplated, marked: exc. $40-60; good $20
Tourniquet: Petit's brass screw frame, fabric strap, marked: exc. $300; good $210
Tourniquet strap: belt type for field use : exc. $200; good $150
Trepanning bone brush: to remove bone dust from trephine, unmarked: exc. $65; good $35
Trepanning bone file: for smoothing edge and elevating tissues of skull, marked: exc. $55; good $25
Trepanning trephine: for boring hole in skull, unmarked: exc. $150; good $70
Trocar: for draining fluids, unmarked: small: exc. $55; large: exc. $55; good $20
Urinary staves or sounds: urethral dilators, common to military sets, unplated: exc. $25 each, hollow catheters, $20 each

Various instruments and how they were used




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American Civil War Medicine & Surgical Antiques

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