Medical Xylography

Description Block 5


Author: Giovanni Andrea Dalla Croce (1514-1575).


Book: Chirurgiae Ioannis Andreae a Cruce, Veneti medici libri septem, quamplurimis instrumentorum imaginibus arti chirurgicae opportunis suis locis exornati, theoricam, practicam, acuerissimam experientiam continentes. In quibus ea omnia, quae optimo chirurgo in curandis vulneribus conuenire videntur, ordine quodam amplissimo concerni possunt. Nunc primum in lucem editi. Cum indice copiosissimo rerum omnium memorabilium.


[Translation: «The seven books of the Surgery of the Venetian physician Andrea Dalla Croce, illustrated with all the instruments of the surgical art and containing his theoretical, practical and true experience. In this work are shown all the necessary operations of an excellent surgeon to cure all kinds of wounds. Printed for the first time, with a very large Index of every memorable topics» Date: ca. 1580s. Croce was a famous Italian surgeon, born in Venice, who wrote extensively on many surgical topics. He had a particular interest in trephination, which is the subject of this block.

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