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American Civil War Surgical Antiques

Research and Identification

Civil War Era Surgical Sets, Surgeon's Images

Civil War Surgeon Education & Medical Textbooks

Established 1995    .     Dr. Michael Echols Collection


As seen in:  Warman's Civil War Collectibles, Antique Week, Northeast Antiques, and various TV programs, Antiques & Collecting publications

Ludwig Bruck's List of Unregistered Practitioners


A List Of All The

MEDICAL COLLEGES OF AMERICA  That Are Not Recognized in the United States,

For being either fraudulent or illegally organized, or which do not comply with the minimum requirements demanded by the Illinois State Board of Health, the highest authority on the subject in the States and elsewhere. __________________

** For this information the Editor of the A.M.D. & H. is indebted to Dr. John H. Rauch, the able Secretary of the Illinois State Board of Health, Springfield, Ill., U.S.A.


Edinburgh University of Chicago and St.Louis (Chicago, Ill.). Incorporated in 1870. Fraudulent. Extinct.


Eclectic Medical College of Maine (Lewiston, Me.). Organized in 1881. Not up to the standard.


New England University of Arts and Sciences (Boston, Mass.). Fraudulent. Extinct.
Bellevue Medical College of Massachusetts (Boston, Mass.). Organized in 1880. Fraudulent. Believed to be extinct.
Medical Department of the American University of Boston. Created for the sale of bogus diplomas. Believed to be extinct.
First Medical College of the American Health Society (Boston, Mass.). Created for the sale of bogus diplomas. Believed to be extinct.
Excelsior Medical College (Boston, Mass.). Created for the sale of bogus diplomas. Believed to be extinct.


St Louis Eclectic Medical College (St Louis, Mo.). Organized in 1874. Defunct since 1883.
Homeopathic Medical College of St Louis (St Louis, Mo.) Organized in 1873. Fraudulent. Extinct.
Joplin College of Physicians and Surgeons (Joplin, Mo.) Organized in 1880. Became extinct in 1884.
Kansas City Hospital College of Medicine (Kansas City, Mo.) Organized in 1882. Not up to the standard.

New Hampshire

New England University of the Arts and Sciences (Manchester, N.H.) Fraudulent. Extinct.

New Jersey

Livingston University (Haddenfield, N.J.) Fraudulent. Now extinct.
Hydro-Therapeutic College (Bergen Heights, N.J.) Extinct.

New York

United States Medical College, Eclectic (New York City) Illegally organized in 1878. Extinct.
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Buffalo (Buffalo, N.Y.) Illegally organized in 1879.
Hygeo-Medical College of New York (New York City). Extinct.


American Health College (Cincinnati, O.) Organized in 1874. The Faculty embraces one person, who teaches "the great vitapathic system, which he originated and copyrighted."
Physio-Eclectic Medical College (Cincinnati, O.) Organized in 1876. Extinct. A fraudulent institution, engaged in the sale of diplomas.
American Eclectic Medical College (Cincinnati, O.) Organized in 1879, as the successor of the Physio-Eclectic Medical College. Extinct since 1882. Fraudulent institution, and had no existence except for the sale of diplomas.
Toledo Medical College (Toledo, O). Organized in 1883. Not up to the standard.


Eclectic Medical College of Pennsylvania, (Philadelphia, Pa.) Extinct. This fraudulent institution was conducted by Buchanan and his colleagues.
Philadelphia University of Medicine and Surgery (Philadelphia, Pa.) Fraudulent institution. Extinct.
Penn University (Philadelphia, Pa.) Fraudulent. Extinct.
American University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pa.) Fraudulent. Extinct. (N.B. This fraudulent institution must not be confounded with the "Department of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania", established through the influence of D r. Benjamin Franklin, in 1765, and which is still flourishing.)


Milwaukee College of Physicians and Surgeons (Milwaukee, Wis.) Not up to the standard



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American Civil War Medicine & Surgical Antiques

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