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Medical Colleges in existence during and pre-Civil War

Links to lecture ticket examples & medical college catalogues in this collection

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The private collection of Dr. Michael Echols


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A list of Civil War medical authors and facultyin this collection with their biographies and lecture card examples

(Note: all information about faculty and medical schools relates strictly to this collection and is in no way intended to cover anything other than the contents of the Echols' collection.)


In the United Sates before 1800, there were but five medical schools – University of Pennsylvania (1765); Kings College (1768, which became Columbia University; Harvard College (1782); Dartmouth (1798) and Transylvania University (1799) in Lexington Kentucky.  A more well-to-do student might venture to study at one of the prestigious schools in Europe, principally in England, Scotland, France or Germany. 


The following is a list of early medical colleges and lecturers who taught at those institutions.  The dates when these medical colleges were in existence can be used to determine when and if a given surgeon was active during the Civil War.  Since medical colleges merged or went in and out of existence, all colleges or departments of medicine may not be listed or the names may have changed.  This is an on-going research project about the Civil War, its surgeons, and their educators.


Via the 'College name links' below, you can find lists of physician and scientist lecturers who taught at each college.  The 'Example links' are to the lecture tickets or cards in this collection.  'Catalogues or Alumni links' are included where available in this collection to track students and faculty of various medical colleges.   The interest in the faculty is to see who served in the Army during the Civil War and afterwards.  The interest in the students is to see who served in the Civil War and taught after the War.


See: Medical textbook collection which ties together the doctors who served in the Civil War and those who taught after the War

See: New York Medical Department and its various Medical Schools and Colleges

See: 1941 Ciba Symposia article on Civil War medical education

See: Medical Colleges and catalogues in the east 1861- 62



Graduation Annual Catalogues and Lecture Cards or Admission Tickets for pre-1880 medical colleges

Lecture Card 'Examples' and 'Graduate Catalogues' are linked to examples in this collection for tracking students, faculty, medical text-books, and statistics for Civil War era surgeons.  Also, see a list of these medical colleges by state

List of ALL medical colleges existing during and prior to the Civil War:

Albany Medical College, estab. 1839  |  Catalogues 1850,1852  |  Examples  |  Examples

Atlanta Medical College, estab. 1855 

Auburn Medical School, estab. 1825-39

Bellevue Hospital Medical College, estab. 1861, merged with  N.Y.U. Medical College  | Book | Catalogs 1736-1894 | Examples

Berkshire Medical Institute of Massachusetts, estab. 1837-69

Brown University Medical School, estab. 1811 | Catalogs 1811-1826

Castleton Medical College, estab. 1818-61

Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery, estab. 1850

Cleveland Medical College - Western Reserve College, estab. 1843  | Examples | Examples

College of Medicine of Maryland, estab. 1807

College of Physicians and Surgeons, Medical Department  Columbia College, City of New York | Book 1807 - 1888 | Catalogues 1859, 1875 | Examples | Examples  | Examples

College of Philadelphia: The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, estab. 1765  |   Examples

College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Iowa University, established 1850

College of Physicians and Surgeons, Western District of New York State estab. 1812-38  |  Examples

College of Physicians of the Valley at Winchester, estab. 1825-29

Columbian College, Medical Department (National Medical College), estab.1825

Dartmouth College, Department of Medicine, estab. 1797   | Catalogue 1879 |  Examples

Geneva Medical College, estab. 1834-46   |  Examples

Georgetown College School of Medicine, estab. 1851  |  Examples

Harvard University Medical Department / Medical School of Boston  | Catalogue 1841-42Examples

Hahnemann Medical College  |  Examples

Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania

Humboldt Medical College, estab. 1859

Indiana Central Medical College, estab. 1849-52

Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, estab. 1825 | Book | Catalogues: 1834-35, 36-37, 40-41, 43-44, 45-46, 47-48, 48-49, 50-51, 53-54, 79-80 Examples

Kentucky School of Medicine, estab. 18491908

King’s and Columbia Schools of Medicine, estab. 1767

LaPorte University Medical Department, estab. 1843-51

Long Island College Hospital, estab. 185862  |  Examples

Louisville Medical Institute, estab. 1833

Medical College of Alabama, estab. 1859-61

Medical College of Evansville, estab. 1849-54

Medical College of Georgia, estab. 1829

Medical College of Louisiana, estab. 1834

Medical College of Ohio, estab. 1821   |  Examples

Medical College of South Carolina, estab. 1823  |  Examples

Medical College of Virginia, estab. 1854

Medical Department of Cincinnati College, estab. 1835

Medical Department of Columbia College, N.Y. | Book | Catalogue 1875 | Examples

Medical Department of Hampden-Sidney College, estab. 1837-54

Medical Department of Illinois College, estab. 1843-48

Medical Department of Lind University, estab. 1859

Medical Department of Pennsylvania College, estab. 1840-61 | Catalogues: 1840-41, 52-53, | Examples

Medical Department of Randolph-Macon College, estab. 1837-54

Medical Department of St. Louis University, estab. 1842

Medical Department of the Missouri Institute of Science, estab. 1856

Medical Department of the University of Nashville, estab. 1850

Medical Department of Transylvania University, estab. 1816-59  |  Examples

Medical Department of University of Louisiana, estab. 1845

Medical Department University of Virginia, estab. 1825

Medical Institute of Yale College, estab. 1802  | Catalogue 1848 Examples

Medical Lectures at William and Mary, estab. 1848-49

Medical School of Harvard, estab. 1782   |  Examples

Medical School of Maine, Bowdoin College, estab. 1820-1834  | Book | Catalogues 1851, 1852 Examples

Memphis Medical School, estab. 1846-61

Miami Medical College estab. 1853-57

Miami University Medical Department, estab. 1831-61

Missouri Medical College, estab. 1847

New Orleans School of Medicine, estab. 1856-61

New York University Medical College, estab. 1837

New York Medical College, estab. 1847  |  Examples  |  Examples

New York Post-Graduate Medical School  |  Examples

New York College of Dentistry   |  Examples

Oglethorpe Medical College, estab. 1856-61

Pennsylvania Medical University of Philadelphia, estab. 1853-61

Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery  |  Examples

Penn Medical University of Philadelphia, estab. 1853  |  Examples

Philadelphia College of Medicine, estab. 1838-59  | Catalogue 1840-41 |  Examples

Philadelphia Dental College  |  Examples

Rock Island Medical College, estab. 1848

Rush Medical College, estab. 1843 | Catalogue 1875-76 | Examples

Rutgers College (Queens College), estab. 1812-16

Savannah Medical College, estab. 1852

Shelby Medical College,  then became Medical Department of Vanderbilt University

St. Louis College of Medical and Natural Sciences, estab. 1855

St. Louis Medical College, estab. 1855,  then Washington University 1899

Starling Medical College, estab. 1847  | Examples

University of Buffalo Department of Medicine, estab. 1846

University of the City of New York, Dept. of Medicine, 1841 | Catalogues: 1858; 1842 -72 | Examples | Examples

University of California Medical Department  |  Examples

University of Louisville Medical Department, estab. 1845  |  Examples

University of Michigan Medical School, estab. 1849  |  Examples

University of Maryland, College of Medicine, estab 1811 | Examples

University of New York, Medical Department | Catalogue 1842-43, 43-44, 45-46, 46-47, 48-49, 49-50 | Examples | Examples

University of Pacific Medical Department, estab. 1859

University of Pennsylvania, Medical Dept. | Catalogue 1849-50; 1850-51; 56-57 ; 73-74; 77-78; 79-80; 80-81
ExamplesExamples  | Examples  | Examples | Examples

University of the State of New York College of Physicians & Surgeons, estab. 1858-60 | Catalogue 1858-59Examples

University of Vermont Medical Department, estab. 1820  | Catalogue 1858-59 |  Examples

Vermont Medical College, estab. 1827-56

Washington Medical College of Baltimore, estab. 1826-39  | Examples

Winchester Medical College of Virginia, estab. 1847-62


Lecture Card Collection..: 1 | 2 | 34 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20


Wanted to purchase: lecture cards or tickets to any and all the medical schools and colleges on this list.  Also 1840 to 1870 medical diplomas.

It's all inter-related on this site: medical schools sold lecture cards, lecturers who were authors wrote books used at the medical schools, the surgeons who attended the medical colleges fought in the Civil War, surgeons joined the Army, the Army bought surgical sets for the surgeon's use, and round and round it goes.


The following are topics which were typically taught and lecture tickets which were sold for the topics during the 1800's, the photos to the left are a group of very famous medical doctors and professors who taught at Jefferson Medical College just prior to the Civil War.

An excellent reference by Wm. Norwood: Medical Education in the United States before the Civil War.  A source for information on medical education prior to the Civil War and the foundations of medical education in the 1700 and 1800's when the country was forming it's medical colleges.  Norwood's book is also helpful in finding out who taught at the various medical colleges and what subjects for researching lecture tickets.




Lectures and theory


Medica materia or

Materia medica

Anatomy and   physiology


Surgical anatomy

Surgical pathology

Clinical surgery

Military surgery

Pathology and practical medicine

Medicine and surgery

Principals practice and operations of surgery

Department of medicine



Nervous diseases


Venereal diseases





Orthopedic surgery

Comparative anatomy

Operative surgery


Lecture Card Collection..: 1 | 2 | 34 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20


Pre-1880 Medical College Index  |   Medical Book Author-Title Index


Civil War medical authors and faculty in this collection with their biographies and lecture card examples


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