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Medical College Lecture Tickets and Cards


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Medical Institute of Baltimore, 1832

Washington Medical College of Baltimore, 1832

Medical Student: Aquila  B. Mafsey*


Names of lecturers


The Washington Medical College of Baltimore was organized in 1827 in Baltimore as the Medical Department of Washington College, Pennsylvania. It's first faculty in 1827:

HORATIO G. JAMESON, M. D. Professor of Surgery and Surgical Anatomy

SAMUEL K. JENNINGS, M. D. Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica.

WILLIAM W. HANDY, M. D. Professor of Obstetrics and the Diseases of Women and Children.

JAMES H. MILLER, M. D. Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine.

SAMUEL ANNAN, M. D. Professor of Anatomy and Physiology

JOHN W. VETHAKE, M. D. Professor of Chemistry and Medical Jurisprudence.

Washington Medical College.—' This Institution, recently opened in Baltimore, is designed to supply the wants of the South in a purely Southern Medical College. Its' president, Dr. Ford, was a surgeon in the old U. S. army, and during the war was Medical Director of the Western Department of the Confederate army, and was recognized as a man of undoubted ability. Of its professors Dr. Edward Warren was Surgeon General in North Carolina, and had charge of the hospitals of the State. Dr. Logan vas a professor in the Atlanta Medical College, and was Medical Director of Georgia. Dr. Byrd was professor in Orglethorpe Medical College, and a surgeon C. S. A.  Dr. Scott was professor in the Richmond Medical College, and Dr's. Clagett and Moorman  were both surgeons in the Confederate army. Such an institution merits the patronage and support of the people of the South.

Additional information on Washington Medical College

James B. Rogers, M.D.             S. K. Jennings, M.D.   


Samuel Annan, M.D., CSA

From 1861 to 1864 Samuel Annon, M.D. was a surgeon in the Confederate Army from Maryland and was commissioned Aug. 1862 and saw duty as a full surgeon,   In 1863, he was stationed at the Hospital in Buchannan and then transferred to the Hospital at West Point, Mississippi. In 1865 he was on Field duty with the Army of Tenn. and was paroled at Macon, Georgia, from which he returned to Maryland.

Richard H. Thomas, M.D.


Medical Department of Georgetown College, 1863-64

Medical Student: Samuel Holman*


See the entire set of lecture cards for Bellevue Hospital for Samuel Holman and his history on page 5




Johnson Eliot, M.D.


Silas L. Loomis, M.D.


Montgomery Johns, M.D.


Thomas Antisell, M.D.


Noble Young, M.D.


James E. Morgan, M.D.

University of New York, Department of Medicine

No longer a student at Georgetown, Samuel Holman, M.D. also attended University of New York




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