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Bowdoin Medical College Lecture Tickets

Medical  School of Maine: 1861, 1865, 1888

 Medical Students: Frank H. Sargent;  Edward Donnell;  H. H. Kimball

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Medical School of Maine, Bowdoin College, established 1820-1834  | Catalogue 1851, 1852 Examples


Addition information on the Medical School of Maine and the faculty


 Materia Medica and Therapeutics, by professor Israel T. Dana, M. D.*

Medical Student: Edward Joseph O' Donnell

Known as Edward Joseph Donnell or O'Donnell.  Medical School 1861; M.D. Dartmouth 1865.  Born 1835 in Lyndeboro, N.H..  2nd Lt. 16th N.H. Volunteers, 1862-1863;  Asst. Surgeon 13th Md. Volunteers 1865-66. 

Physician in Richmond, N.H. 1866-70; Townsend, Mass. 1870-76; Glasco, Kansas 1876-78;  Stockton, Kansas 1878-94;  Auburn, Kansas 1894-1912.  Kansas Senator 1884-88.   Retired to Los Angeles, Calif., died 1927, Hollywood, Calif.


Anatomy and Physiology,  Corydon. L. Ford, M.D.


Student:  Hannibal Hamlin Kimball,

Born 1843, in Carmel.  Physician in New York, N.Y. 1866-67;  Minneapolis, Minn. 1867-1922,.  President of Minn. Medical Association 1886-87.  Died 1928.

Name: Hannibal Hamlin Kimball
Death date: Jul 9, 1928
Place of death: Minneapolis, MN
Birth date: 1843
Place of birth: Carmel, ME
Type of practice: Allopath
States and years of licenses: MN, 1883
Places and dates of practices: Minneapolis, MN, Jun 12, 1913
Medical school(s): Bowdoin Medical School, Brunswick-Portland: Medical School of Maine, 1866, (G), NY-10 Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York
Other education: Hampden Acad., ME, Pittsfield Med. Coll., MA

ALL of the lower nine medical tickets are from the “Medical School of Maine” – BOWDOIN COLLEGE / Brunswick and are described separately as follows:

Student: Frank Henry Sargent

Medical school 1888; M.D. Dartmouth 1890; Born 1861 Pittsfield, N.H.;  Physician Pittsfield, N.H., 1890-1944,  N.H. Legistature 1929.  Died 1944

Surgery and Clinical Surgical, Stephen H. Weeks, M. D.

 Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Charles O. Hunt, M.D.

Charles Hunt joined the Union Army upon his graduation in 1861, serving as a sergeant in the 5th Maine Battery. Hunt was made lieutenant in 1863. After the war, he graduated from the Bowdoin Medical School (1867) and received his M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1868.

 Anatomy, Frederick H. Gerrish, M.D.

 Chemistry, Franklin C. Robinson

Franklin C. Robinson (1852 – 1910) graduated from Bowdoin College in 1873. The following year he was appointed an instructor of analytic chemistry and mineralogy at Bowdoin. He was appointed a full professor in 1881.

Pathology and Practice, Israel T. Dana, M.D.

Physiology,  Henry H. Hunt, M.D.

Henry H. Hunt was a graduate of Bowdoin College, Class of 1862. After graduation, Hunt enlisted in the 5th Maine Battery and served during the Civil War, where he was appointed a Hospital Steward and took part in the Battle of Gettysburg. Following the war, he returned to Bowdoin and enrolled in the medical school, graduating in 1867.

Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children,  Alfred Mitchell, M.D.

 Alfred Mitchell, M.D. graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York in 1865 and served as an assistant surgeon of the Ninth Regiment of Maine Volunteer Infantry assistant surgeon during the Civil War. 

Medical Jurisprudence, Hon. C. W. Goddard

Card reads, “This is to Certify Mr. F. H. Sargent Has faithfully dissected and satisfactorily demonstrated the part of the subject assigned him in the Term Ending June 26, 1888 - by Demonstrator Irving E. Kimball.

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