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University of Pennsylvania Medical Department: 1868 - 1869

Louisville Medical College: 1869 - 1870


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University of Pennsylvania, Medical Department 

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The medical education of Dr. Robert B. Stockton of Kentucky

Year One: 1868 / 1869 at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Department

Year Two: 1869 / 1870 Louisville Medical College,   Warren, Pa.


This complete collection of medical college lecture tickets was obtained from the family of Dr. Robert Blakely Stockton of Kentucky.  Robert Stockton is a direct descendent of John Richard Stockton who signed the Declaration of Independence from the state of New Jersey.   

Name:  Robert B. Stockton
Death date: Dec 31, 1929
Death date note: This is an approximation of the individual's death date.
Type of practice: Allopath
Medical school: Louisville Medical College

There are two years of lectures, the first at the University of Pennsylvania and the second at Louisville Medical College.  The admission lecture tickets were issued by each lecturer and signed on the front or back of the card for both the student and lecturer.  Remember that at this time a medical education was only 'two years'.

University of Pennsylvania Medical Department 1868 - 1869

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The original leather case (4 1/4 x 5 1/2 in.) containing all of the lecture tickets below



Univ. of Pennsylvania Order of Lectures, Daily 1868 - 1869, front and back



List of Lectures, By, and Location         Text-Book and Works of Reference list

Admission Ticket and Medical Library Card



Matriculation Card with multiple signatures of lecturers on back

Carson, Stille, F. Smith, Rogers, Leidy, H. Smith, Penrose


 Anatomy by Joseph Leidy, M. D. Medicine by Alfred Stille,M.D.


Materia Medica and Pharmacy by Joseph Carson, M.D.


Institutes of Medicine by Francis Smith, Jr. M. D.      Surgery by Henry H. Smith, M. D.


Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children by A. Penrose, M. D    

Practical Anatomy by J. Leidy, M. D.



For some reason, Dr. Stockton chose to continue and complete his medical education at the newly formed Louisville Medical College in the state of Kentucky.  It may have been because he was from Kentucky.


The University of Louisville School of Medicine traces its history from the Louisville Medical Institute (1837 to 1845), the Medical Department of the University of Louisville (1846 to 1922), and other schools absorbed by the University of Louisville including the Kentucky School of Medicine (1850 to 1908), the Louisville Medical College (1869 to 1908), the Hospital College of Medicine (1873 to 1908), and the Kentucky University Medical Department (1898 to 1907).

Louisville Medical College 1869 - 1870

Louisville Medical College was absorbed by the University of Louisville in 1908

  Example: Louisville Medical Diploma

Example: University of Kentucky Medical Class photos of 1896


Matriculation Ticket # 6 for Robert B. Stockton by  Dean J. W. Benson, M.D.


Physiology and Hygiene by Henry Massie Bullitt, M.D.


Medical Chemistry and Toxicology by Charles Wright, M.D.*


Medical and Surgical Diseases of Women by Henry Miller, M.D.



Dermatology and Clinical Medicine by John A. Octerlong, M.D.     Medicine by E. S. Gaillard, M.D.

During the Civil War, Dr. John A. Octerlong served in the Confederate Army as an assistant surgeon.


Dr. Gaillard engaged in the practice of medicine until the breaking out of the civil war, at which time he joined the Confederate Army and served until the war closed. At the close of the war Dr. Gaillard practiced his profession in Richmond for three years, afterward moving to Louisville, Ky.


Surgery by J. W. Benson, M. D.      Anatomy by J. Drummond Burch, M.D.        


Materia Medica and Therapeutics by Stanhope P. Breckinridge, M. D.

Dr. Breckinridge, served in the CSA as an assistant surgeon in Brigg's cavalry in January of 1863.  Captured and wounded at Missionary Ridge in January of 1864.

Obstetrics by John Goodman, M. D.



Commencement Exercises Feb. 28th, 1871


And the best part....a thank you note from the person from whom I obtained these cards


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