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Cleveland Medical College Lecture Tickets

1872-73, 1874-75


Page 18


Medical Student: Samuel J. Britton, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania*


Name: Samuel J. Britton
Death date: Oct 22, 1908
Place of death: New Castle, PA
Birth date: 1850
Type of practice: Allopath
Medical school(s): Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland: Cleveland Medical College, 1908, (G)
Journal of the American Medical Association Citation: 51:1622


Cleveland Medical College, established 1843


List of Lectures and Faculty 1873-75


John Bennitt, M.D., Practice of Medicine

Frank Wells, M.D, Obstetrics, Diseases of Children

Hunter Powell, M.D., Diseases of Children

John E. Darby, M.D., Materia Medica

Xenophon C. Scott, M.D., Ophthalmology, Otology

Lewis Buffett, M.D., Oral Surgery and Dental Pathology

Benjamin Holliday, M.D., Anatomy

Isaac N. Himes, M.D., Physiology & Histology

Proctor Thayer, M.D.,  Surgery & Jurisprudence

Edward W. Morley,  Chemistry & Toxicology




        John E. Darby, M.D., Materia Medica          Xenophon C. Scott, M.D.,  Ophthalmology, Otology           

John E. Darby, M.D was an Assistant Surgeon from June 1862, and a full Surgeon from May 1864 with the Ohio 42nd Infantry and the Ohio 125th with the U.S. Colored Troops.


In the spring of 1861 Xenophon Scott enlisted in the three months' service and at the close of his term of enlistment resumed his studies in Jefferson College, but only for one session. He then re-enlisted, and at the second enlistment was in the quartermaster's department. During the arduous campaigning before Pittsburg his health failed and he was obliged to resign.  When the Franco-Prussian war broke out Doctor Scott was put in sole charge of a military hospital, and was the only foreign surgeon thus honored by the German authorities.


       Frank Wells, M.D, Obstetrics, Diseases of Children             John Bennitt, M.D., Practice of Medicine   

In September, 1862, while in his junior year at Harvard, Frank Wells enlisted in the Forty-fifth Massachusetts Regiment and served until September, 1863. On his graduation he served on the staff of General Lockwood. 


Dr. John Bennitt's extensive history during the Civil War is detailed in the book: "They Died to Make Men Free: A History of the 19th Michigan Infantry in the Civil War".


            Benjamin W. Holliday, M.D.*, Anatomy        Isaac N. Himes, M.D. , Physiology & Histology


Medical Student: Samuel J. Britton

1874 - 1875


Samuel J. Britton



Hunter H. Powell, M.D.*, Diseases of Children       Lewis Buffett, M.D.*,Oral Surgey and Dental Pathology



     John E. Darby, M.D., Materia Medica                John Bennitt, M.D., Practice of Medicine    



     Isaac N. Himes, M.D. , Physiology & Histology       Frank Wells, M.D, Obstetrics, Diseases of Children   



    Proctor Thayer, M.D.,  Surgery & Jurisprudence                 Benjamin Holliday, M. D. Anatomy   

When the civil war broke out, Dr. Thayer tendered his services, without compensation, to examine the soldiers who entered the Union ranks, and several thousand were so examined by him. No man was more enthusiastic and patriotic than he, his time and money being freely given to the cause of the country. Later in the war he entered the United States Army, serving at the reduction of Forts Sumter, Moultrie, and Wagner, after which he was given charge of the principal hospital for the wounded at Beaufort, South Carolina.

 Xenophon C. Scott, M.D.,  Ophthalmology, Otology        Edward W. Morley,  Chemistry & Toxicology



Subject of Graduation Thesis:

A Thesis Upon the Subject of Cholera Infantum
By Samuel J. Britton
Published by Cleveland Medical College, 1875


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