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College of Physicians and Surgeons

In the City of New York

University of the State of New York

Medical Department of Columbia College  1876-77


Page 19


For the years: 1876-77

Student: L. B. Tuckerman


TUCKERMAN, LOUIS BRYANT (15 Feb. 1850 - 5 Mar. 1902),  was born in Rome, Ashtabula County, Ohio, to Elizabeth Ellinwood and Jacob Tuckerman. He graduated from Amherst College, attended Yale Theological Seminary, and received his medical degree from Long Island in 1877. He organized the FRANKLIN CLUB, where municipal affairs, public ownership of utilities, and public health were discussed. Tuckerman claimed the club, through its petitions and delegations to city officials, was responsible for progressive reforms; while their weekly discussions, reported in the Citizen and conservative dailies, spread their progressive message far beyond the club. See additional information on Dr. Tuckerman

Data from the American Medical Association:

Name: Louis Bryant Tuckerman
Cause of death: intestinal complication; (M)
Death date: Mar 5, 1902
Place of death: Cleveland, OH
Birth date: 1848
Type of practice: Allopath
States and years of licenses:OH, 1896
Medical school(s): State University of New York Downstate College of Medicine, Brooklyn: Long Island Coll. Hosp., 1877, (G)
Journal of the American Medical Association Citation: 38:779



Thomas M Markoe, M.D.       Charles F. Chandler, Ph.D.


Charles McBurney, M.D  &  Chas. Kelsey, Jr. M.D.


T. G. Thomas, M.D  &  James W McLane, M.D.


Admission to Bellevue and Long Island Hospitals  (see hospital lists below)



Commencement and General Admission Tickets

Annual Announcement Catalogue for the year prior to L. B. Tuckerman's two-year matriculation




Medical Faculty 1875-76

Alonzo Clark, Pathology and Medicine

Samuel St. John, Chemistry, Jurisprudence

William H. Draper, Surgery

Thomas M. Markoe, Surgery

T. Gaillard Thomas, Obstetrics

Edward Curtis, Materia Medica & Medicine

John C. Dalton, Physiology and Hygiene

Henry B. Sands, Demonstrator of Anatomy

Charles F. Chandler, Chemistry, Jurisprudence

William H. Draper, Diseases of the skin

Fessenden N. Otis, Venereal Diseases

Charles Kelsey, Anatomy

Robert Watts, Anatomy

Frank S. Edwards, Surgery and Medicine


N.Y. hospitals associated with the College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1858



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