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University of Pennsylvania Medical Department, 1866-70

Page 20


For the years: 1866-70

Student: Townsend Heaton, former Pvt. CSA

The student, Townsend Heaton, was born in 1846, the eldest son of Dr. Decatur Heaton in Loudoun county, Virginia.  As a 17 year old youth he joined the confederate army under the command of  Col. John S. Mosby, and fought for four years, including the battle at Gettysburg. After the war he studied medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, as did his father and his grandfather, but then moved to Marquette, Michigan where he practiced medicine with his uncle, Dr. Abram Heaton for part of the time. Around 1880 he returned to Hamilton, Loudoun county, Virginia and died at age 37 in December 1883, leaving a wife and one child. He was interred at Short Hill burying ground. 

Additional information on the 43rd BATTALION VIRGINIA CAVALRY
Army of Northern Virginia, Confederate States of America, Company D, 1864

Heaton, Townsend "Tiny"  Virginia

Name: Townsend Heaton

Title: Doctor

Birth: 1 SEP 1846 in Exedra, Loudoun Co., VA

Death: 16 DEC 1883 in Hamilton, VA

Education: MD degree at the University of Pennsylvania

Military Service: Courier to General D. H. Hill in the early part of the Civil War

Military Service: Member of Mosby's Command, 43rd Virginia Calvry

Occupation: Practiced medicine in Michigan


Name: Townsend Heaton
Death date: Jul 9, 1902
Place of death: Aberdeen, OH  (??)
Birth date: 1839  (??)
Type of practice: Allopath
Medical school(s): University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, 1870, (G)
Journal of the American Medical Association Citation: 39:212

Note: The above information is from the AMA Deceased Physicians database and may contain erroneous information due to collecting methods used to obtain data in the 1900's.

The admissions cards are for lectures on the Institutes of Medicine by Francis G. Smith, Jr. (1866-7); Practical Anatomy by D. Hayes Agnew (1869-70); Obstetrics and Diseases of Women & Children by R. A. F. Penrose (186?); the Theory and Practice of Midicine by Alfred Stille (1869-70); Anatomy by Joseph Leidy (1869-70); Materia Medica & Pharmacy by Joseph Carson (1869; Operative Surgery by Henry H. Smith (1866-7); Chemistry by R. E. Rogers (1869-70); the Institures of Medicine by Francis G. Smith, Jr. (1869-70); Obstetrics and Diseases of Women & Children by R. A. F. Penrose (1869-70; Chemistry by R. E. Rogers (1866-67); Principles & Practice of Surgery by Henry H. Smith (1869-70); Anatomy by Joseph Leidy (1866-7); Principles & Practice of Surgery by Henry H. Smith (1866-7); Materia Medica & Pharmacy by Joseph Carson (1869-70); Practical Anatomy by D. Hayes Agnew (1866-67; and the Theory and Practice of Medicine by Alfred Stille (1866-67). In addition there are two matriculation cards for the 1866-7 and 1869-70 sessions, each bearing the signatures of seven professors on the back. Finally there are two cards permitting attendance at Pennsylvania Hospital for the two terms, both signed by the Attending Managers. The card set is contained in a brown leatherette slip case.

University of Pennsylvania Medical Department 1866-67

Leather card wallet

Faculty Signatures

R. E. Rogers, M.D.


Medical Faculty 1866-67


 Alfred Stille, M.D.   Therapeutics and Medicine

 Joseph Leidy, M.D.  Anatomy

 Joseph Carson, M.D.  Materia Medica & Pharm.

 R. E. Rogers, M.D.   Chemistry

 Henry H. Smith, M.D.  Surgery

 Frances Smith, M.D.   Institutes of Medicine

 A. F. Penrose, M.D.   Obstetrics


Text-books and Works of Reference

Medicine: Woods, Practice of Medicine; Stille's Therapeutics, Walshe on Diseases of the Heart and Lungs

Anatomy: Leidy's Human Anatomy; Wilson's Anatomy; Killiker's Microscopic Anatomy, Sharpey & Quain's Anatomy; Gray's Anatomy

Materia Medica: Carson's Synopisis, Wood's Theraeutics, Wood and Bache's Dispensatory; Pereira's Materia Medica

Chemistry: Johnson Turner Chemistry; Regnaults' Chemistry, Lebmann's Physiciological Chemistry; Taylor's Toxicology

Surgery: Smith's Practice of Surgery; Paget's Surgical Pathology; Macleod's Surgical Diagnosis

Institutes of Medicine: Carpenter's Physiology; Kirke's Manual; Virchow's Cellurar Pathology

Obstetrics: Hodge's Obstetrics; Hodge on Diseases of Women; West on Diseases of Women and Children





Frances Smith, M.D.             A. F. Penrose, M.D.             R. E. Rogers, M.D.



  Alfred Stille, M.D.            D. Hayes Agnew, M.D.                Henry H. Smith, M.D.



  Henry H. Smith, M.D.                          Joseph Carson, M.D.     



University of Pennsylvania Medical Department 1869-70


                 Henry H. Smith, M.D.      D. Hayes Agnew, M.D.     Joseph Leidy, M.D.                   



 Joseph Carson, M.D.           Alfred Stille, M.D.  



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