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Starling Medical College, 1848-49

Columbus, Ohio

Medical student: Abram C. Moore, Bantam, OH


Name: Abram C. Moore
Death date: Jan 7, 1910, age 83
Place of death: Cincinnati, OH
Birth date: 1827
Type of practice: Allopath
Medical school(s): Starling Medical College, Columbus, 1850, (G)
Journal of the American Medical Association Citation: 54:402

Starling Medical College Columbus was established in 1847, the original faculty consisting of professors John Butterfield of practice, Richard L. Howard of surgery, Samuel M. Smith of materia medica, Henry H. Childs of obstetrics, Frederick Merrick of chemistry, Jesse P. Judkins of anatomy, and Francis Carter of physiology.


Additional information on Starling Medical College

John Butterfield, M.D. (died 1849)


Jesse P. Judkins, M.D.                                            Norman Cary


Richard I. Howard, M.D.


Frederick Merrick, A.M.


Henry H. Childs, M.D.  


Francis Carter, M.D.



Samuel M. Smith, M.D.


John Butterfield, M.D. (died 1849)


Starling Medical College, 1849-1850

Medical student: Abram C. Moore, Bantam, OH


Samuel M. Smith, M.D.



Samuel M. Smith, M.D.   


Richard L. Howard, M.D.


Frederick Merrick, A.M.


 Henry H. Childs, M.D.



Jesse P. Judkins, M.D.


 Francis Carter, M.D.



S. Hanbury Smith, M.D.



University of Maryland, 1862-63

Medical student: Frank T. Shaw, U.S. Congressman from Maryland


 Richard A. McSherry, M.D.

In 1825, there were three hundred students in attendance at the University of Maryland, in Baltimore.  During the Civil War, the University of Maryland lost most of it's students because they were from southern states.  The attendance dropped 50%, the lowest point being 1862-63 when there were only 103 students and 37 graduates.

University of Maryland Medical School, 1832-33

Medical student:  William Carrick McPherson, M.D., who went on to become a prominent physician in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.



Nathaniel Potter, M.D         Robley Dunglison, M.D.


Professor Julius Timoleon Ducatel



Nathan Ryno Smith, M.D


Eli Geddings, M.D.

Eli Geddings, M.D. was a surgeon in the Confederate army during the civil war. When the fall of Charleston was imminent, his rare medical library was sent to Columbia, where it perished in the fire that destroyed a large part of the City.


Richard Wilmont Hall, M.D.       Soloman Etting, Treas., 1833

Burnside Laying-In-Hospital, Toronto, Canada, 1875


( A Laying-In Hospital was for birthing, not ambulatory patients,  note the doctors are:  Physician 'Accoucheur' or one who delivers babies )

Read the Notice, which describes how women were being infected by 'infected' students and doctors via dissection-transfer of disease

University of Michigan, 1873 - 1875

Medical Student: John F. Thomson


Medical Department of the University of Michigan (1862-68)
Faculty 1862

Secretary, ALONZO B. PALMER, M.D.
ZINA PITCHER, M.D., Emeritus Professor of the Institutes of Medicine and Obstetrics.
ABRAM SAGER, M.D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children.
SILAS II. DOUGLASS, M.D., Professor of Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Toxicology.
MOSES GUNN, M.D., Professor of Surgery.
ALONZO B. PALMER, M.D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine and pathology.
CORYDON L. FORD.M.D., Professor of Anatomy,
SAMUEL G. ARMOR, M.D., Professor of the Institutes of Medicine and Materia Medico.
HON. THOMAS M. COOLEY, Professor of Medical Jurisprudence,
ALFRED DcBOIS, M.A., Assistant Professor of Chemistry.
WILLIAM LEWITT, M.D., Demonstrator of Anatomy.



Donald Maclean, M.D., Dean      G. E. Nottingham, M.D.  



  Abram Sager, M.D, Dean      Alonzo B. Palmer, M.D.


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