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American Civil War Surgical Antiques

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Civil War Era Surgical Sets, Surgeon's Images

Civil War Surgeon Education & Medical Textbooks

Established 1995    .     Dr. Michael Echols Collection


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   Civil War Era Surgical Manuals, Civilian Surgical, and Medical Texts

Authors:  Robert Druitt, Robert Liston, Thomas D. Mutter, J. Moore Neligan, Robley Dunglison, Henry Hartshorne

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Note: The following medical and surgical texts were used immediately before or during the Civil War.  They are a window into a medical education as it was presented to the students and surgeons who served in the War.  There were a multitude of medical colleges in the late 1850's and 60's, as well as publishers who sold text books from American, English and French authors.

Principles and Practice of Modern Surgery, (1860), by Robert Druitt

A copy of this text book is listed in the Surgeon General's Office Library Catalogues or the list of medical textbooks which were published during the Civil War by the Army Medical Department.

DRUITT ROBERT, FRCS.  THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF MODERN SURGERY A new and revised American from the eighth enlarged and improved London edition Illustrated with four hundred and thirty two wood engravings In one very handsomely printed octavo volume leather of nearly 700 large pages $3.50. 

A work which like Drutit's Surgery has for so many years maintained the position of a leading favorite with all classes of the profession needs no special recommendation to attract attention to a revised edition.  The extent of these additions may be estimated from the fact that it now contains about one third more matter than the previous American edition and that not withstanding the adoption of a smaller type the pages have been increased by about one hundred while nearly two hundred and fifty wood cuts have been added to the former list of illustrations.


Discussion of the text by the publisher: Blanchard & Lea in 1860.


Owner signature: A. S. Martin, Columbus, Ohio, 1864

Name: A. S. Martin
Death date: Dec 15, 1904
Place of death: Cleveland, OH
Birth date: 1834
Type of practice: Allopath
Practice specialty: GS General Surgery
Medical school: Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago: Chicago Medical College, 1863
Journal of the American Medical Association Citation: 42:665
Source: Directory of Deceased American Physicians.

Principles and Practice of Modern Surgery, (1853) by Robert Druitt, M.D., edited by F. W. Sargent

A copy of this text book is listed in the Surgeon General's Office Library Catalogues

Publisher Blanchard and Lea on Druitt and Sargent's books, 1853


Owner signature: E. Tracy  Bishop, M.D.

Dr. Elijah T. Born at Smithsburg, Washington County, Md. April, 11 1833 son of Dr Elijah Bishop.  Bishop was educated at Franklin-Marshall College 1848.  He succeeded his father in the practice of medicine at Smithsburg. 

Name: Elijah Tracy Bishop
Cause of death: paralysis
Death date: Mar 11, 1918
Place of death: Smithsburg, MD
Birth date: 1833
Type of practice: Allopath
States and years of licenses: MD
Places and dates of practices: Smithsburg, MD, 1855
Medical school(s): University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore: University of Maryland School of Medicine and College of Phys and Surgeons, 1855, (G)

Lectures on the Operations of Surgery and on Diseases and Accidents Requiring Surgery, (1846), by Robert Liston, F.R.S & Thomas D. Mutter, M.D. (Jefferson Medical College, Phila.)

Lea and Blanchard, Philadelphia, 1846. Calf, Black Leather Label. Book Form. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. 565, [3]pp. (last leaf blank), plus publisher's ads. 216 text wood-engravings. First book edition, from serialization in The Lancet, with nearly 250 pp. of additions by Mutter, professor of surgery at Jefferson Medical College, on subjects touched on lightly or not at all by Liston. This series is the only published version of Liston's lectures. Mutter's additions are noted for plastic surgery with a description of his shoulder flap, for burns involving secondary injuries to the front side of the thorax. Mutter's edition of Liston is his most extensive publication in surgery.

Additional information on these two famous surgeons: Robert Liston and Thomas Mutter


Signed by J. (John) W. Goodson, Belleview, Ohio, who was an Assistant Surgeon in the 72nd Vol. Infantry, Ohio.   The records from the Roster of Surgeons shows him to have been 'dismissed' March, 1863, however the Regiment was not mustered out until 1864 and 1865. 



Lecture card and Signatures of Robert Liston

Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Skin, (1860, third edition), J. Moore Neligan, M.D.

NELIGAN J. MOORE, MD,; ATLAS OF CUTANEOUS DISEASES.   In one quarto volume extra cloth with colored plates presenting nearly one hundred elaborate representations of disease.  

This volume is intended as a complete and accurate representation of all the varieties of Diseases of the Skin.  While it can be consulted in conjunction with any work on practice, it has especial reference to the author's Treatise on Diseases of the Skin so favorably received by the profession some years since.  Neligan's Atlas of Cutaneous Diseases supplies along existent desideratum much felt by the largest class of our profession.  It presents in quarto size 16 plates each containing from 3 to 6 figures and forming in all a total of 90 distinct representations of the different species of skin affections grouped together in genera or families. The illustrations have been taken from nature and have been copied With such fidelity that they present a striking picture of life in which the reduced scale aptly serves to BY THE SAME AUTHOR A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON DISEASES OF THE SKIN Third American edition.  In one neat royal 12mo volume extra cloth of 334 pages.


Discussion of the text by the publisher: Blanchard & Lea in 1860


Signature: Dr. E. A. Farquhar, 1867


Dr. E.A. Farquhar was born in Columbiana county Ohio August 10 1844 and is a son of EA Farquhar MD His education was acquired in the district schools of Muskingum county.  In 1862 he enlisted in Company A Eighty eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry for a three months service and was shortly after captured in the Morgan raid but fortunately escaped the next day and came to Zanesville.  He engaged in the Steubenville battle as a private individual and then enlisted as a seaman on the United States steamer Brilliant of the Mississippi squadron eventually being promoted to the rank of yeoman.  He served until February 7 1866 and then returned home to complete the education which was begun before the war being graduated in Miami Medical College at Cincinnati March 2 1869.  He then located in Washington county Ohio where he successfully pursued the practice of his profession until August 20 1873.  He came to Zanesville in October 1893 at the solicitation of his father and has here succeeded in building up a large and lucrative practice


For five years Dr Farquhar was a private in Company B Eleventh Regiment Ohio National Guards resigning his membership in 1866 and for fourteen years was surgeon of the Eighth Ohio Regiment.  

Dictionary of Medical Science, by Robley Dunglison, M.D. (1860, revised and enlarged)

A copy of this text book is listed in the 1864 and 1865 Surgeon General's Office Library Catalogues and the list of medical textbooks which were published during the Civil War by the Army Medical Department.

Additional information on:  Robley Dunglison, M.D.

DUNGLISON ROBLEY MD Professor of Institutes of Medicine in the Jefferson Medical College Philadelphia.  NEW AND ENLARGED EDITION MEDICAL LEXICON, a Dictionary of Medical Science containing a concise Explanation of the various Subjects and Terms of Anatomy Physiology Pathology Hygiene Therapeutics Pharmacology Pharmacy Surgery Obstetrics Medical Jurisprudence Dentistry & Notices of Climate and of Mineral Waters Formula for Officinal Empirical and Dietetic Preparations.  With French and other Synonymes.  Revised and very greatly enlarged In one very large and handsome octavo volume of 992 double columned pages in small type strongly bound in leather with raised bands Price $4.00. 

Discussion of the text by the publisher: Blanchard & Lea in 1860

Notebook on Medical Principles, (1860), by Henry Hartshorne, M.D.

A copy of this text book is listed in the 1865 Surgeon General's Office Library Catalogues or the list of medical textbooks which were published during the Civil War by the Army Medical Department.

See Hartshorne's personal U. of Penn. diploma from 1855 with signatures of his teaching staff

From the publisher: Henry Lea's 1861 description



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